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Sketch, Verazzano/AA Bridge—"Bridging the Gap ... to Sobriety"
"Bridging the gap ... to sobriety"

Alcoholics Anonymous in Staten Island, N. Y.
 Last updated February 7, 2016 

Need meeting lists? Have news or ideas?

We no longer print our own meeting lists in any kind of bulk, but you are free to print your own, using this downloadable model. And, of course, you can find the latest meeting information online here.

    Recent changes are indicated in the (printable) list with check marks and double-underlining, and are given at the bottom of the Thursday page.

You can also find here Printable Secretary Notes – much easier to print from than the online page. This may be the only listing in the country that announces both temporary closings of meetings and almost all anniversaries being celebrated, with invitations extended to all members.

We also list the Staten Island Al-Anon and Narcotics Anonymous (and Nar-Anon and Pills Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous) meetings, as an (unofficial) service. Links to them are at the top of the page.

Please send corrections, changes, anniversary notices, news, comments, questions and suggestions to the editors. Changes will be made at once, as well as listed below under Recent Changes, and in the online Secretary Notes, as appropriate. Meeting changes will also be listed on the Thursday page of the downloadable (printable) lists and Notes, as they occur.

“Open” and “Closed” Meetings

“Open” and “Open Discussion” meetings (marked “O” and “OD” in the printed lists) are for anyone with an interest in recovery from alcoholism.

“Open” meetings (as used here) are “Speaker” meetings, usually with a leader and two or more speakers, but without participation from the floor. “Open Discussion” meetings do include general participation, and more closely resemble most closed meetings.  Note 

Meetings not marked “O”, “OD”, “Open” or “Open Discussion” are closed — that is, attendance is limited to those who may themselves have “a desire to stop drinking”.

 Note on New Meetings

New groups and meetings are generally listed in the secretary notes (under 'Notes & Changes') as they open. After some years' experience, though, and as is the custom in most places, they will be added to the printed and online lists only after they've been in business for a while, to be sure that they are viable, well supported and likely to last.

 Notes & Recent Changes

The Midland Beach Big Book Group, which has been meeting (Thurs., 7:30-8:45 PM) at Oasis Christian Center, 539 Greeley Ave. since 11/3, is now listed. [2/2/17]

The Beachcombers I Group (Tues., 8 PM) at the Oakwood Heights VFW has reportedly stopped meeting as of Hurricane Sandy. [12/17/16]

The Sunlight of the Spirit Group (Tues., 7:30 PM, Immanuel Lutheran Church, 2018 Richmond Ave.) has stopped meeting as of 11/22/16. [11/26/16]

On November 3, the Midland Beach Big Book Group held its first meeting at 7:30 PM at Oasis Church, 539 Greeley Ave. The meeting is open, the format is Big Book Study. [10/20/16]

The Grupo Para Todos (was Wed./Fri. 7-9 PM) is now Wed./Thurs./Fri. 8-10 PM. [8/19/16]

The Conscious Contact Group (Sun., 11 AM) has moved 6/5/16 to St. Patrick’s School, 3560 Richmod Rd.//Kensico St. [6/5/16]

The Other End Group (Sat., 9 AM) now meets (February 7, 2016) at Labetti Post, 390 Hylan Blvd.//Reynolds St. [2/7/16]

The Friends of Bill W. Group (Fri., 7 PM) now meets (January 1, 2016) at St. Simon's Church, 1055 Richmond Rd./Columbus Ave. [10/31/15, 12/21]

As of December 28, 2015 the Primary Purpose Group (Mon., 7:30 PM) will begin meeting at their new location, the Recovery House of Worship, 96 McClean Ave.//Ocean Ave., use door at end of walkway left of building. [12/8/15]

As of 'Spring, 2013' the Young People's Group of S. I. (Wed., 7:30 PM) meets for one hour (was until 8:45 PM. [2/9/15]

As of November 28, 2014 "The Family Afterward" Group (Fri., 8:30 PM) will be meeting at Woodrow Methodist Church, 1075 Woodrow Rd., at a new time of 7:30 PM. [11/14/14]

As of December, 2014 the New Day Group (Mon., 10 AM) will have a Traditions study the first Monday of each month. [11/4/14]

As of October 10, 2014 the "The Family Afterward" Group meets (Fri., 8:30 PM) at SIUH South, Main Conference Room, 375 Seguine Ave. [10/6/14]

As of September 18, 2014 the Richmond Town Step Group meets (Thurs., 7 PM) at St. Patrick's, 3560 Richmond Rd.//McKinley St. [9/19/14]

As of August 1, 2013 the Serenity Lounge Group (Thurs.) meets at 7 PM (was 6:30 PM). [8/1/13]

As of July 11, 2013 the Tottenville Group (Thurs., 8 PM) meets at Bethel Methodist Church, 7033 Amboy Rd. [7/1/13]

As of June 4, 2013 the 24 Hour Group (Thurs., 4 PM) is listed as a closed, step study meeting at Our Lady Stat of the Sea rectory, 5371 Amboy Rd. [6/4/13]

As of May 30, 2013 the Power for the Hour Young People's Group (Fri., 8 PM.) is listed as meeting at the YMCA facility, 3911 Richmond Ave.[6/4/13]

As of May 29, 2013 the H. O. P. E. Group (Wed., 4 PM.) meeting is Open Speaker on the last Wednesday of the month. [7/24/13]

As of April/May, 2013 the Came To Believe Group (Thurs., 7-8:15 PM) meets at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 2018 Richmond Ave. The meeting time had been 8-9:15 PM. [9/6/13]

As of Thursday, March 14, 2013, the Fresh Start Group (Thurs.) meetings begin at 8 PM (was 7:30 PM). [3/14/13]

As of Thursday, March 14, 2013, the H. A. L. T. Group II (Thurs.) meetings are held from 6:45-7:45 PM in the main conference room of SIUH South, at 375 Seguine Ave. [2/15/13, 3/8]

As of Saturday, March 9, 2013, the Courage To Change Group (Sat, 9 PM) will change to a Closed Beginners format. The group had been Open Speaker w. Discussion, with Al-Anon involvement. [3/4/13]

As of Thursday, March 7, 2013, the H. A. L. T. Group II (Thurs, 7 PM) meets in the main conference room of SIUH South, at 375 Seguine Ave. [2/15/13]

As of Monday, February 11, 2013, the New Day Group (Mon., 10 AM) has changed its format from 'Closed Discussion' to 'Step Study'. [2/11/13]

As of Friday, November 2, the H. O. W. Group (Tues. + Fri., 4 PM) will meet at Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish House (Basement), 5371 Amboy Rd.//Huguenot Ave. [10/24, /29]

The Brothers In Sobriety Group (Tues.) has met from 10:30-11:30 AM for the past year, had been 10-11:30 AM. [9/20]

The Rainbow & Friends Group (Tues., 7:30 PM) appears to have stopped meeting in about April. [7/12]

On July 5 (Thurs., 7:30 PM) the Fresh Start Group will hold its first meeting, a closed, beginners' discussion format, at Oakwood Heights Community Church, 345 Guyon Ave./Falcon Ave. [6/24]

The Pleasant Plains Group (Thurs., 7:30 PM) held its last (Beginners) meeting on June 28. (The step study meeting stopped meeting some time ago.) The group had begun 61 years ago this month. [6/24, /28]

As of Sunday, March 4, 2012, the Attitude Adjustment Group (Sun., 7-8:15 PM) has moved to their new location, Olivet Presbyterian Church, 97 Myrtle Ave.//Broadway. Use the Broadway entrance (downstairs). [1/18/12, 3/4)

As of Tuesday, February 7, 2012, the Rainbow & Friends Group (now Tues., 7:30 PM, was Thurs., 7 PM) will resume meeting after a year's closure. They will now be a closed discussion meeting, GLBT in focus but all with drinking problems are welcome, and they remain at the Gay Community Center, 25 Victory Blvd.//Bay St., 2nd floor. [1/15/12]

On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, the No Matter What Group, formerly Shields (had met Tues., 7:15 PM), begins meeting (7:30 PM) at its new location – St. Simon's Episcopal Church, 1055 Richmond Rd.//Targee St. [10/9, /18, 11/7]

As of October 2, 2011, the Meeting In The Park group (Sun., 7:30 PM) will change its meeting time to 2-3 PM, still on Sundays. They will still meet in the same place, the basement cafeteria of Our Lady of Good Counsel School, 42 Austin Pl./Victory Blvd. [9/28]

As of September 22, 2011, the Sunnyside Group beginners meeting at St. Roch's Church (602 Pt. Richmond Ave.//Walker St.) meets Thursday, 7 PM (was Wed., 7:15 PM), still at St. Roch's Church. [8/15, 9/19]

As of April 13, 2011, the Just For Today group (Sat., 12-1:30 AM). at St. Simon's Episcopal Church, 1055 Richmond Rd., has changed its name to the Bill & Bob's Excellent Adventure Group. [8/19]

Since the end of June, 2011, Another Alternative (Mon., 7:30 PM) has moved from Bethel Community Church (53 Van Duzer St.) to Our Lady of Good Counsel School, 42 Austin Pl.//Victory Blvd., meeting in a basement classroom down the hall from the cafeteria. [7/25]

As of July 7, 2011, the Brothers In Sobriety Group (Tues., 10-11:30 AM) has been added to the meeting list. It's a men's closed discussion meeting at the YMCA Counseling Services Building (2nd Floor), 3911 Richmond Ave./Amboy Rd. [4/6, 7/7]

As of July 7, 2011, the Came To Believe Group (Thurs.) meeting time is from 8-9:15 PM. [5/21, 7/7]

As of May 5, 2011, the Bay Street Big Book Group (Thurs., 7:45 PM), which has been at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, is temporarily not meeting, pending a move to 15 Bement Ave.//Richmond Terr. in West Brighton, date uncertain. [5/5]

As of April 5, 2011, the new Brothers In Sobriety Group (Tues., 10:30 AM) men's open discussion) meets at the YMCA Counseling Services Building (2nd Floor), 3911 Richmond Ave./Amboy Rd. [4/6]

As of February 22, 2011, the First Step Group (Tues., 7:30 PM) meets at Labetti Post, 390 Hylan Blvd./Reynolds St. Please use the side entrance. [2/9]

On February 14, 2011, the Roman numeral 'II' was removed from the Great Kills Group (Mon., 7:30 PM) meetings. It had been added in mid-2006 to distinguish it from the original (Sat., 9 PM) branch of the group, which had then moved to Huguenot and begun to change its own name. The latter meeting, while retaining its status as the oldest meeting on the Island, is now known as the Courage To Change Group.[2/9]

As of February 9, 2011, the previously unlisted beginners meeting of the Came To Believe Group (Thurs., 7:45 PM) is listed as the independent Serenity Lounge Group (Thurs., 6:30 PM), itself still meeting at the Church of St. John Neumann, 1380 Arthur Kill Rd.//Ilyssa Way. This meeting began in August, 2009. [2/9]

As of January 1, 2011, the Porch Group (Sat., 2:30 PM at the Unitarian Church) has closed. [1/11]

As of December 17, the Bay Street Big Book Group (Thurs. at St. Paul's Episcopal) will meet from 7:45-9 PM. [12/12]

On October 17, the First Drink Group (Sun., 9 AM) and Conscious Contact (Sun., 11 AM) moved next to the Drumgoole Gymnasium at Mt. Loretto, by the large parking lot on the west (left) side of Cunningham Rd. See Map. [10/11]

As of early September (2010), the New Day Group (Mon., 10 AM) meets at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 225 St. Paul's Ave. [9/15]

As of August 5, the Bay Street Big Book Group (Thurs., 7:30 PM) will be relocating to St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 225 St. Paul's Ave. The group has also been added to the meeting lists as of July 29. [5/8, 7/29]

As of June 6, the Sunday evening Amboy-Eltingville Group meetings begin at 7:30 PM. [4/26]

As of June 3, the Rainbow & Friends Group (Thurs., 7 PM) meets at its new location – the LGBT Community Center, 3rd Floor, 25 Victory Blvd./Bay St. [4/23, 6/3]

As of May 23, the First Drink Group (Sun., 9 AM) and Conscious Contact (Sun., 11 AM) meet at Sts. Joachim and Anne Church at Mt. Loretto, 6581 Hylan Blvd./Cunningham St. [5/14, /15]

As of April 13, the First Step Group (Tues., 7:30 PM), meets at De Matti Playground in Rosebank, 436 Tompkins Ave./Chestnut Ave., while they search for a new, long-term location. [4/7]

The Port Richmond Group (Fri., 8:30 PM), which had closed for furnace repairs at their former location, will be reopening on January 22 at St. Paul's-St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 186 Decker Ave./Catherine St., in the church basement. [1/9, /15]

The Came To Believe Group (Thurs, 7:45 PM), has since August 1 been holding a beginners meeting as well, from 6:30-7:30 PM, at the same location (Church of St. John Neumann, 1380 Arthur Kill Rd.) [8/20]

Meeting Listing Policies and Practices

 Note on New Meetings – After several years' experience, it has become our policy to add new groups and meetings to the printed and online lists only after they've been in business for a while, to be sure that they are viable, well supported and likely to last.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women
who share their experience, strength and hope with each other
that they may solve their common problem
and help others to recover from alcoholism.

The only requirement for membership
is a desire to stop drinking.

There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership;
we are self-supporting through our own contributions.

A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination,
politics, organization or institution;
does not wish to engage in any controversy;
neither endorses nor opposes any causes.

Our primary purpose is to stay sober
and to help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

— The "AA Preamble" is reprinted by permission of the AA Grapevine
Box 1980 — NY, NY 10163-1980

Meeting Makers Make It!

Emergency Phone Numbers    Note 

Bayley-Seton Hospital             Intake/Detox             (718) 818-5375/5600

S. I. University Hospital             Intake/Detox             (718) 226-2800/2220

Bayley-Seton Crisis Center/Sobering-Up Station                 (718) 818-5766

I am responsible . . .
  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
    I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
      And for that . . . I am responsible.

            —   A.A. Grapevine. Reprinted by permission.
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